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What are the steps, the tea and what kind of wine?

Hello! Welcome to my webpage and thank you for stopping by to say hi. I'm sure you are wondering what this page is all about, let me tell you.Since I could remember I've always wanted to write a book so I decided to two years ago to start writing one, a tiny pocket book titled: 9 Steps and 3 Cups of Tea to an Entire Bottle of Wine. And recently I finished the book and I'm almost ready to share it with the world. The purpose of my book is two fold: First is about setting a goal and achieving and second, probably most importantly, its about healing from things we haven't let go of yet so we can move forward with creating the life we deserve to have. This book was in a sense a healing process for me and a form of therapy as well. I am in no way saying this book will heal all of your past hurts or anything of the such but I can promise it will start on the process. This book is meant to be used as a reference along the way. The steps are steps that I found helpful for me to accomplish goals that I've set for myself and it made more of aware of how grateful I am for my process. The title is simply based of things or processes I love. I love steps( like directions) because I like to see to progression and when steps are involved it makes it easier to gauge progress. I love tea, for me there has always been this element of calmness for me when I drink wine and it puts me a reflective and self-aware state. And the wine, well, I just love wine and I drink wine on most occasions whether I'm celebrating a win or if I'm just relaxing on my balcony enjoying the weather. I wrote the book with 9 steps that are divided by 3 cups of tea, which means each tea has 3 different steps and once you've gotten through the book, you celebrate with a bottle of wine. Now you don't have to drink an entire bottle of wine, you can have a glass of wine but I think accomplishing a goal and doing some healing in the process deserves an entire bottle of wine but that's me, you do you, and whatever works for you. Either way I'm glad you are here and my hope is that this book and this webpage helps you as much as it has helped me. Now sit back and pour yourself a cup of tea or make yourself a Tea Latte.

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